How Can the Exercise Buddy App Help Teachers?

an autistic student and a teacher use a program on the exercise buddy app for teachers

Have you heard of Exercise Connection’s Exercise Buddy app? It can provide excellent support for people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)—and their caregivers and teachers—in terms of breaking down barriers to participation in physical activity programs. Developing a physically active lifestyle produces benefits to overall health and well-being, regardless of neurotype. Additionally, the positive […]

How Can the Exercise Buddy App Help Parents?

Getting your child to exercise can be tough. Helping them stick to a fitness program can be even more challenging. Children with autism and other neurodivergent disorders often have difficulty focusing on a task at hand and may even struggle with specific movement and balance patterns. Learning how to work out with children with autism […]

What is IDEA and How Does it Relate to Physical Education?

Providing specialized education for children with disabilities is extremely important to their inclusion and development. Multiple federal laws in the U.S. have been passed to ensure that children with disabilities—including neurodivergent disorders like autism—receive quality education equivalent to their peers. Many people may not know that these laws apply to both classroom and physical education. […]