Developing an inclusive exercise program requires understanding and evidence-based solutions.

Just 10-minutes of exercise has proven benefits for those with autism, reducing stereotypical behaviors and enhancing focus. At Exercise Connection, we offer solutions that challenge the students, not the teachers. To learn more about our autism exercise solutions for educators, please contact Exercise Connection today. 

Solutions that Challenge the Students, Not the Teachers

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Inclusive Instruction and Assessment at Your Fingertips

ExerciseBuddy is an app-based visual exercise system that challenges the students rather than the teachers. Exercise Buddy embeds six evidence-based practices to empower educators and therapists with the tools needed to provide quality instruction for all. Embraced by schools around the world, 98% of NYC District 75 physical education teachers found our app easy to use and reported increases in student engagement, enhanced teaching, and more equitable assessment. 

Visual Supports Without Breaking a Sweat

Teachers and therapists spend endless hours creating supportive measures for their students. This color-coded paper-based visual system will give you back more time in your day to focus on what you do best, teach and make a difference in the lives of your students. Our Visual Exercise System is here to support your efforts in empowering students as they build confidence, understanding, and independence with exercise. 

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Professional Development and an ACSM Certificate Is a Win-Win-Win

Exercise Connection and the American College of Sports Medicine created the Autism Exercise Specialist Certificate to empower educators, therapists, and exercise professionals with the education and tools needed to successfully teach inclusive exercise programs to those with autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities. 

Major universities, school districts, and leading exercise professionals have embraced this certificate and training methodology because it is:

  • Supported in research
  • Created in partnership with the world’s most respected exercise science organization (ACSM)
  • Approved provider for ACSM, ACE, NASM, AFFA, NSCA, CSEP, & canfitpro


Physical fitness—so often overlooked when helping people with autism reach their full potential— provides extended and far-reaching benefits. David Geslak gives us an understandable and achievable plan everyone can implement. His compassion, knowledge, and understanding make his book a must-read for every parent and professional who works in the autism community. – Anissa Ryland | Executive Director, The Johnson Center for Child Health & Development

I’ve used the paper based visuals at nearly every session since receiving them.  Thank you again! It is really helpful to be able to use a combination of the paper-based Visual Exercise System and the Exercise Buddy app to best support and meet the needs of my clients.  I’ve used a similar “homemade” version of picture symbols when setting up PE stations for my students at school, but having what feels like a real professional set is great and so useful for me when training.

Kristin Kmack | Maur Movement


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Find Autism Exercise Solutions for Educators at Exercise Connection

Students across America are often left wandering and wondering in PE. We want to change that. We have autism exercise solutions for educators that make inclusive physical education possible. Find the perfect solution to help your students with autism feel successful and included in activities involving instruction for physical activity, an important part of play and learning.

Exercise Connection is a provider of visual exercise systems and professional development for educators and therapists worldwide. Our autism exercise solutions are research-based and endorsed by leading experts in the field of autism across multiple disciplines. With Exercise Connection, you’ll receive:

  • A visual exercise system that is easy to use and breaks down exercise into simple steps
  • Professional development that is tailored to your needs as an educator
  • An ACSM Certificate in inclusive exercise programming for those with autism
  • Access to our Exercise Buddy app, which can help you design and track your students’ progress

We want all students to be physically active and included in physical education classes or other exercise-based instruction. Let us help you empower your students. To learn more about our services, please contact Exercise Connection today.