An Autism Exercise Program that
Challenges the Students, Not the Teacher

The evidence-based visual exercise system enhances communication and engagement while providing the structure needed for success in exercise programs. While exercise has proven benefits, including unique benefits for people on the autism spectrum, running an inclusive exercise program can be challenging at best and organized chaos at worst. Using over 300 color-coded visuals, the VES empowers teachers, therapists, and paraprofessionals to empower diverse learners to build healthy and active lives. And because it is ready-to-use, saving professionals hours of labor, they can now put their expertise and attention on where it is needed most, which is their students. 

Benefits of Choosing Our Visual Exercise System:

Exercise is a great way to get kids on the autism spectrum moving while they have fun and learn at the same time. Our program is ready-to-use, saving professionals hours of labor; teachers can now put their expertise and attention into providing high-quality instruction, empowering students to learn and engage with physical activity. 

Ready to Use + System Manual

No assembly, no setup, everything is premade.

Large and Small Visuals

Research shows that visual supports encourage social interaction, increase on task behavior and can increase the demonstration of play skills.

Color-coded System

Color keeps you organized and better engages your students.

See the Difference, Visuals Work


"I've used the paper-based visuals at nearly every session since receiving them. Thank you again! It is really helpful to be able to use a combination of the paper-based Visual Exercise System and the Exercise Buddy app to best support and meet the needs of my clients. I've used a similar "homemade" version of picture symbols when setting up PE stations for my students at school, but having what feels like a real professional set is great and so useful for me when training."
Kristin Kmack
Maur Movement | Exercise Pro

Learn More at Exercise Connection

If you’re still not sure how to get started, we offer a variety of exercise programs for autism that can be done in the comfort of your child or students’ own home. Our exercise routines are designed to help children with autism improve communication skills, social interaction, and overall fitness. To learn more about our autism exercise program, contact Exercise Connection today.