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Autism Inclusive Exercise Systems for:

Solving the Misunderstanding of Exercise & Movement

The benefits of exercise go beyond physical fitness. Research shows exercise is a building block to improving focus, decreasing stress and anxiety, and enhancing social skills and language development. Equipped with our evidence-based solutions, we empower those who support individuals with autism and other disabilities to teach exercise successfully. The benefits and power of exercise are too great to be ignored. 

Solutions that Level the Playing Field for Everybody

Professional Learning

Autism Exercise Specialist Certificate

Are you ready to get credentialed to teach exercise to children with autism and other diverse learning needs? If so, enroll in our autism exercise specialist program.

Technology-Aided Instruction

Exercise Buddy

The Exercise Buddy app is an easy way to help your child learn to exercise in a way that works for them. Help them get healthier and happier with an app that they can use anywhere.

Protocols & Tools

Visual Exercise System

You're not alone in teaching your child or student how to exercise in a way that they can do on their own. We have several tools that you can use to support exercise for autistic individuals.

Embraced by Higher Education

Our autism inclusive exercise systems aren’t just used by parents. Education organizations around the world have begun using Exercise Connection to support students on the autism spectrum and beyond.

An Opportunity Worth Stretching For

Just 10-minutes of exercise has positive outcomes specific to autistic individuals.
Learn more about our autism inclusive exercise systems today.

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Autism Exercise Systems for: