Are You Seeking Movement-Based Solutions to Empower Students with Autism?

Running an inclusive exercise program can be challenging at best and organized chaos at worst. Exercise Connection’s easy-to-use and evidence-based program allows professionals to focus their attention on providing high-quality instruction and intervention. This empowers students to learn and engage with physical activity.

Solutions that Challenge the Students – NOT the Teachers.

Improve Communication
Enhance Instruction + Engagement
Progress Monitor

Autism Exercise Specialist Certificate | Professional Development

The highest standards in science and practice, this professional development opportunity opens the door to inclusion. Exercise Connection and the American College of Sports Medicine created this certificate to empower educators, therapists, and fitness professionals with the education and tools to successfully teach inclusive exercise programs to those with autism and other diverse learning needs.

Visual Exercise System® | Manipulatives

The Visual Exercise System provides the tools needed to teach fundamental skills, sports, and activities. This universally designed system enhances instruction, guides support staff, and empowers students to reach their full potential.

Exercise Buddy® | Digital

Exercise Buddy app equips educators and support staff with technology-aided instruction to provide high-quality exercise instruction for all.

  • Over 300 visuals & 150 video models
  • Save unlimited workouts
  • Track and report individualized exercise data
  • Create custom assessments and monitor student performance
  • Supported in seven research studies
98% of NYC District 75 physical education teachers found Exercise Buddy easy to use and reported increases in student engagement & enhanced teaching.

Join professionals from around the world who are experiencing new success as their clients and students achieve the exercise connection.

Let’s get moving!
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