“Parents of those with autism rated exercise as the no. 1 treatment for their children in The National Survey of Autism Treatment Effectiveness”

– Dr. Jim Adams, Arizona State​

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and physical education have an important focus on motor development. However, these services often end when goals are met or children age out. Exercise should not be lumped in with these services. Your children can get the proven benefits of physical or sensory integration activities by making exercise a part of their life

Just 10-minutes of Exercise is Proven to Benefit those with Autism


Awareness Raises More Questions. Education Provides More Answers.

This book is packed with helpful advice and inspiring case studies that show the program’s proven results, as well as guidelines on adapting the exercises for different ages and abilities both at home and in the classroom. The boost to confidence, relationships, and general wellbeing will be transformative for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. Written by David Geslak, this popular program contains a visual and structured philosophy to get minds and bodies active and teach lifelong fitness. 

Teaching Exercise Is 75% Understanding Autism, 25% Understanding Exercise

Using the same evidence-based strategies that have proven successful in the classroom and home, Exercise Buddy can make it possible for your children to make the exercise connection. 

Research has shown that exercise can improve:

  • Communication
  • Social skills
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Sensory processing and integration
  • Motor skills and muscle tone

Exercise is a powerful tool that should be included in any autism treatment plan. Fortunately, our Exercise Buddy app is an easy, engaging way to help get your kids moving. The app includes social narratives, exercise videos, visual support, and the ability to track progress over time. Therefore, you can see the exercise benefits for autism firsthand. 

exercise buddy app on ipad
parent using visual system with child

See the Difference with Visuals that Work

While exercise has been proven to benefit autistic children and adults, creating the structure needed for success takes time that many parents don’t have. The Visual Exercise System engages your child, supports communication, and provides the structure necessary to be successful.  

At Exercise Connection, we believe that when exercising with your child, perfection is not the goal; persistence is.


You have no idea how much confidence Bill got from accomplishing what might appear to be a simple goal. It made Bill realize that he can always do more.

– Jean Bacarella (Parent)

My son is loving Exercise Buddy and following the workouts I am building from him (12 steps with start finish) with your available exercises. He seems to like every aspect of it; timer, visuals, video and then music which plays while we do that. It’s a motivator and he is trying to do things which he is not yet able to but I am sure we will get there. Thanks so much to your team for this app! Rachana Rai | Parent

Physical Education Resources to Support Your Child

IDEA law supports participation in school-based physical education (PE), which is a good first step. However, many students with disabilities do not receive appropriate PE services. If PE is not part of your IEP, or your children don’t have the resources to be included and successful, we can provide you with resources to help. For more information about our autism exercise solutions for parents, contact us today.

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