Have you heard of Exercise Connection’s Exercise Buddy app? It can provide excellent support for people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)—and their caregivers and teachers—in terms of breaking down barriers to participation in physical activity programs.

Developing a physically active lifestyle produces benefits to overall health and well-being, regardless of neurotype. Additionally, the positive impact of physical activity extends beyond the health benefits, including improvements to language development, academics, social skills, and mood. And while there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for instructing diverse learners, including autistic students, exercise can be an effective intervention for some people diagnosed with ASD. Exercise has been shown as an effective intervention and is one of the 27 evidence-based practices for those on the spectrum. Still, techniques that are traditionally used to teach physical activities often leave most people diagnosed with ASD confused or uncoordinated with other peers.

People diagnosed with ASD typically learn best when they have structure and visuals. As such, Exercise Connection has developed the Exercise Buddy app to empower the ASD community to access the unique benefits of exercise. This app provides a visual exercise system proven to be effective for teaching physical activities to children and adults diagnosed with ASD. Searching for exercise learning tools created for teachers and autistic students? Reach out to Exercise Connection today by calling 773.575.5100 or contacting our team online.

What Is the Exercise Buddy App?

The Exercise Buddy app provides a visual exercise system that empowers people diagnosed with ASD and similar disorders to successfully engage in physical activity. As physical activity is integral to learning and development, the Exercise Buddy app may be an ideal addition to programs for children with ASD or other diverse learning needs.

Equipped with evidence-based practices for teaching that the app provides, a fitness professional, an educator, a therapist, a caregiver, or a parent has everything they need to create custom visuals and workouts—and then assess the performance the child or student. The Exercise Buddy app levels the playing field for students diagnosed with ASD to engage in exercise, gain physical knowledge and skills, and develop healthy and active lifestyle. The app also promotes increased independence in children diagnosed with ASD so they can enjoy the benefits of physical activity as their peers do.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Exercise Buddy App for Teachers?

Digital technology has supported classroom learning over the last few decades. The Exercise Buddy app does the same for physical activity programs for people diagnosed with ASD. Not only is it helpful but it’s also very accessible, as the app has the following features:

  • Apple compatibility – Exercise Buddy requires a minimum of iPadOS 9.0 or macOS 11—and only Macs with an Apple M1 chip can run the app.
  • Android compatibility – Exercise Buddy requires a minimum of Android 4.1, and can be run by more Android tablets and Google Chromebooks.
  • Can run without WiFi – Although a device must be connected to WiFi to download the app and sign in to an account, once all the content is downloaded and the sign-in process is complete, most of Exercise Buddy’s features can be used without a WiFi connection.
  • Can be projected – As long as connections are set up between the device where the app is installed and a projector or SMART Board, Exercise Buddy can be projected on a different screen.

The main benefit of using the Exercise Buddy app for teachers of children diagnosed with ASD is that they are empowered with inclusive resources at their fingertips to provide high-quality instruction, saving them time and energy to focus on what they truly want to do—TEACH.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Exercise Buddy App for Autistic Students?

Overall, the Exercise Buddy app makes inclusive instruction more attainable for teachers and more enriching for students diagnosed with ASD. However, as the app was developed specifically to teach students with diverse learning needs, it also offers much support for those learning through Exercise Buddy’s features.

Here are some unique benefits of using Exercise Buddy as a child diagnosed with ASD:

  • Improves communication – Special features allow adding custom exercises and uploading visuals and videos.
  • Enhances engagement and instruction – Students can save unlimited workouts using inclusive visual schedules. These promote quality physical activity that they can do independently or with peers.
  • Equitable assessment – Teachers can create customized assessments and monitor each student’s physical activity performance.
  • Progress monitoring – The Exercise Buddy app can track and report individualized exercise data, which can be seen by the student, their family, and their individualized education program (IEP) team.

Ready to Learn More About Exercise Connection’s Exercise Buddy App?

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