What Is the Process to Receive the Autism Exercise Specialist Certificate?

individual leading instruction after completing the autism exercise specialist certificate process

If you’re part of the autism community, you might have heard about the Autism Exercise Specialist Certificate and have wondered about the process of working towards getting accredited. Scientific research and studies have helped experts understand and address many autism-related barriers to participation in physical activity—but that understanding doesn’t help much if you don’t also […]

How Does Physical Education Look Different for Students with Autism?

physical education for students with autism

Exercise is excellent for people of all ages. From lowering stress and managing weight to introducing new hobbies, physical activity is one of the essential things in which people can participate. However, not everyone exercises the same. People with different physical and mental characteristics will approach taking up a sport or working out in unique […]

How Can Exercise Help People with Autism?

It’s no secret that exercise can benefit most people. From weight management to the mood-boosting effects of moving your body, getting active can be one of the most critical changes someone can make in their life. A growing body of research suggests that exercise for autism treatment can benefit neurodivergent people. Exercise Connection is the […]

What is IDEA and How Does it Relate to Physical Education?

Providing specialized education for children with disabilities is extremely important to their inclusion and development. Multiple federal laws in the U.S. have been passed to ensure that children with disabilities—including neurodivergent disorders like autism—receive quality education equivalent to their peers. Many people may not know that these laws apply to both classroom and physical education. […]