What Is a Visual Exercise System?

what is a visual exercise system

Communicating with someone with autism can pose certain challenges. The person may not understand your instruction clearly, or they may not be able to express themselves adequately. One of the main challenges someone experiences with autism involves deficits in social skills. Not only may they face challenges verbally communicating, but they may also not display […]

What Is the Autism Exercise Specialist Certificate?

what is the autism exercise specialist certificate

Trainers, coaches, and physical education teachers have a lot on their plates. Not only do they need to develop effective training plans for the people and students they teach, but each client or student must also remain engaged to make progress. Teaching someone with a neurodivergent disorder, like autism, can be an additional challenge—one that […]

How Can the Exercise Buddy App Help Parents?

Getting your child to exercise can be tough. Helping them stick to a fitness program can be even more challenging. Children with autism and other neurodivergent disorders often have difficulty focusing on a task at hand and may even struggle with specific movement and balance patterns. Learning how to work out with children with autism […]

How Can Exercise Help People with Autism?

It’s no secret that exercise can benefit most people. From weight management to the mood-boosting effects of moving your body, getting active can be one of the most critical changes someone can make in their life. A growing body of research suggests that exercise for autism treatment can benefit neurodivergent people. Exercise Connection is the […]