Professional Development & School Programs

Our workshops are designed to challenge your students by utilizing the strengths of all staff involved. Special education teachers, therapists and paraprofessionals will participate in team building activities as they learn the EC Visual Exercise Protocol.

Following the 5-hour workshop your staff will know the EC Five Components of Physical Fitness, be able to implement exercises in a gym or classroom, and successfully design workouts to make a difference. Each staff will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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North Suburban Special Education District
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ADVANCE Center - Cairo, Egypt
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Community Support Services
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Individual Training

Creating a successful program for your child is more than creative exercises. It is about establishing the foundation, a relationship, with your child. Our Autism Fitness Instructors have a primary background in special education and an innate gift of connecting with children and adults.

EC Instructors will begin by meeting with you and your child at your home, often where the children feel most comfortable. Following the initial consultation, a date will be set for the EC Physical Assessment and exercise regimen.

As we build the relationship with the children, we then challenge them more with exercises, ultimately improving their confidence and self-esteem and lead them to independent, physically active lifestyle.

Group Training

Group training is not only done to improve your child’s level of fitness but it will also develop their social skills. With a class maximum of 6-participants, both children and adults engage in exercises that promote team-building activities.

Using evidence-based teaching methods, participants are in a structured and visual environment giving them the best chance at understanding and enjoying exercise, while at the same time, the opportunity to be seen as leaders amongst their peers and develop relationships. Classes are organized by age-group and ability.

Currently group programs are offered at the North Suburban YMCA (Northbrook, IL) and Community Support Services (Brookfield, IL)

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